Meet the women behind Beat Tech Excellence

At Beat, we are proud of our women. We cultivate a culture of equality and a healthy inspiring environment for each individual to evolve according to their own abilities and unique talent.

We strive for excellence. And we build it; for ourselves and our users, for the communities we are active in, for the cities and for the world. Here are some stories from our Beat women and how they experience technology innovation.

Typical day at work? Nimble, challenging, rewarding – Sanja Ilic, COO

Sanja Ilic, COO at the Beat app is one of the women behind the Beat technology excellence
Sanja Ilic, COO at Beat

I am the COO at Beat and I joined back in March 2016 when Beat’s technology made people’s life easier in only two cities, Athens and Lima. What I enjoy the most here is learning every single day and evolving through it. Working in a very dynamic and competitive environment is where I get to work with amazing professionals who raise the bar, all the time. Beat fosters a culture of constant learning. From books at the office to training worldwide, we have all the resources to help ourselves and the company grow. I find it fascinating that I have full freedom when I work and that I take full accountability for my actions. 

Technology charms me because it enables a constant learning curve. For transportation in particular, it helps us make our lives easier and more convenient. My proudest moment at Beat was when we launched our second LatAm market, Santiago in Chile back in 2017. We all took that moment so personally because we were well aware of the impact we have on so many lives daily. We learned so many things in so few days and repeated that success in more countries. 

If I had a pearl of wisdom to share with all women out there dreaming of a career in technology, that would be to simply be themselves, constantly develop on their own and to spend their time on what they love.

A typical working day @ the Orbit is amazing, unique and super-green – Agni Andreopoulou, Head of Product Ops

Agni Andreopoulou, Head of Product Ops at Beat, Sanja Ilic, COO is one of the women behind the Beat technology excellence
Agni Andreopoulou, Head of Product Ops at Beat

I can proudly say that I am Beat’s first employee. I joined back in 2012 as a CX agent and I had the chance to change some hats all these years, currently holding the role of Head of Product Ops. For me Beat is not just a job, it is a lifetime experience that few people are lucky to have and I feel so grateful. It helped me to grow as a person and evolve into a better future self. It taught me to adapt and thrive, and to rely on my fundamental ability to learn. I was given the opportunity to work in technology which was always my dream because I wanted to improve some tiny parts of this world we are all living in.

The fact that Beat was purely a tech company highly motivated me from day one, since everything in technology is persistently evolving and helps you clearly identify spaces for improvement for a better world. Artificial Intelligence and advanced Machine Learning are the technologies that fascinate me the most. My advice to young women that are about to embark on their journey to technology is not to be afraid to sometimes be the only woman in the room. Tip: Check the “Lean in” book of the Facebook COO.

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My everyday life at Beat? Diverse, surprising and full of opportunities to learn Cecile Novion, General Manager LatAm

Cecile Novion, General Manager LatAm at Beat is one of the women behind the Beat technology excellence
Cecile Novion, General Manager LatAm at Beat

I joined Beat in September 2018 as country manager for Colombia and for the last 5 months I am holding the role of General Manager for the whole LatAm region. Εven during the interview process, I felt immediately comfortable with the people I met and motivated by their common passion to challenge the status quo of the ride hailing industry. One might think that it is difficult maintaining the same culture and values here in LatAm, being so far away from the headquarter office in Athens. And it has proven to be at times, thus my main concern is to make sure that we hire talented people that are able to embody our values. Also, one of the most important responsibilities towards our company mission is to make sure that our product reflects fully the local reality. 

At Beat no diversity differentiators exist. The almost equal number of men and women working here and zero pay gap proves that. We simply care about talent. There is room for talent in technology no matter the gender. My general advice to all women I encounter at the workplace is not to restrain themselves from doing things they like. It is really fascinating working in a modern industry where there are millions of things to be explored. Ride hailing as it is today is still a product for a small portion of the population in LatAm with so many opportunities. We have just started scratching the tip of the iceberg. 

The Beat app women in numbers 2020
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My typical day at Beat in a nutshell? Creative chaos – Athina Miliou, Senior Engineering Manager at Payments

Athina Miliou, Senior Engineering Manager - Payments Sanja Ilic, COO at the Beat app is one of the women behind the Beat technology excellence
Athina Miliou, Senior Engineering Manager – Payments at Beat

I joined Beat two years ago and currently hold the role of Senior Engineering Manager at Payments. My team has moved from 3 to 20 members in less than two years, and keeps growing. Our work is to provide fully custom and automated ways of payment so each user in each of our operating markets can pick what’s best for them. In the last year, while launching in Mexico and Argentina, we have built the whole payments infrastructure from scratch. This is a set of microservices that use event-driven architecture in order to work asynchronously, efficiently and reliably.

I can keep on talking about technology forever. From the moment I first got in touch with computer science at the age of 14, I don’t think I ever stopped reading, studying and trying to stay on top of technology innovations. Even before joining Beat I was intrigued by the fact that the company was growing fast and experimenting in new technologies. Mobility is exciting. From autonomous cars reducing environmental pollution by having less cars on the streets to machines supporting human needs by reading their minds and doing things before they even ask. One step at a time, we are getting closer to this. Exciting times to be working at technology, a statistically speaking male dominated field that practically calls for people full of passion with innovation in their DNA. And innovation has no gender. 

A typical day at work is never boring, ever-changing and very fulfilling – Eleftheria Tsochatzi, Global Marketing Lead

Eleftheria Tsochatzi, Global Marketing Lead at the Beat app is one of the women behind the Beat technology excellence
Eleftheria Tsochatzi,
Global Marketing Lead at Beat

I have been working at Beat for almost a year and a half as Global Marketing Lead. Working in marketing, you seek to work for brands that inspire you the most. For me, these brands have been the ones that contribute somehow into making life easier or more beautiful. Most of them have been related to technology in this sense. Technology is a very exciting path, very dynamic and interesting, this is the future and this is what candidates, men or women, that look for a more modern and dynamic environment should seek for.

What inspired me to join Beat and keeps aspiring me is the culture, the advanced thinking and the fact that we work for the future, aiming to create a better urban life for the cities we operate in. We offer solutions to millions of passengers and economic opportunities to whoever wishes to drive with us. As a Brand we focus a lot on creating social impact. One recent example is the Beat Bus initiative in Santiago, Chile. Beat actually gave a tangible solution to the transportation problem the city faced at the moment, being the first brand to react and give a mobility solution in the city. And definitely a credible one to run such an initiative; it would not have been the same to see it coming from any brand.

A typical day at Beat with three words: active, cheerful and helpful – Waad Issa, Senior iOS Engineer

Waad Issa Beat Senior iOS Engineer at the Beat app is one of the women behind the Beat technology excellence
Waad Issa, Senior iOS Engineer at Beat

I am relatively new at Beat, but it is the first time I encounter a team that makes the effort for all team members to feel included, actively participate and share opinions, even when it comes to me working remotely from Vienna. I might be in my home but I don’t feel as if I am working remotely. And that is one of the things that I like the most about working in technology. You need a good internet connection, a laptop and that’s it! You can conquer the world. For nearly any of our needs an application exists to make our lives easier and that was my inspiration when pursuing a career as an iOS engineer. At Beat, we focus on understanding in depth the needs of people and we come up with products that make their everyday life easier.

As with all things in life, the first step is the most difficult and the most important. That is my advice to all women who want to venture in the world of technology. As we do at Beat, do your research on the field that interests you, analyze the problems and come up with a solution. Technology is not a male dominant craft. That is just a perception. Technology is simply a craft with endless possibilities and in need of “solution” driven people

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