Celebrating World Art Day: 3 cities – 3 artists.

Cities are beautiful and complex places. They are the melting pots of people with diverse origins, stories, cultures, perspectives and languages. Yet, there is a universal language that everyone understands: the city code and art. These two create a colorfull fabric that makes each city unique.

Inspired by street art, we decided to collaborate with 3 artists to celebrate World Art Day. Each one of the artists is based in one of our 3 markets: Lima, Athens, Santiago. We shared with them our brand vision and asked them to express their creativity and talent to create a Facebook cover photo that represents their city.

The result is 3 unique art works from 3 unique artists.

Dreyk The Pirate for Athens

Creative artwork from Greek street artist


Monks Art for Lima

Creative artwork from a Peruvian street artist


Margot for Santiago

Creative artwork from Chilean street artist

Beat loves the city. City loves art. So, Beat loves art. #Wherenext?