Celebrating World Book Day!

At Beat, books are part of our everyday lives. We grow through them. We develop our skills and expand our knowledge by reading. We scale and dive deeper into new perspectives at the turn of each page. That’s why we love books so much.

What makes each book unique and equally important is not only its content but also the emotional load it carries for each one of us. To celebrate World Book Day, we asked ourselves some questions about the books we read. The results? Quite bookwormish!

See all about our book habits below:

Infographic about book consumption in Beat
Book consumption in numbers


Most of us read up to 20 books per year, massively opting for the good old way of reading, that is in print format. The majority reads only one book at a time while half of us have read more than 100 book in our lives.

Do you feel like grabbing your next book too? Here are some suggestions from #TeamBeat!

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