Our top priority is to be efficient and develop groundbreaking technologies that improve the lives of the people in the cities we operate in. We aspire to bring the best version of ourselves in order to achieve our mission of developing seamless mobility for a safe and sustainable urban life while shaping the future of urban transportation. Together we identify and steer the way we operate as a vital organism, as one Beat.

By using cutting-edge tools and practices, our Engineering team tackles some of the hardest problems and their work impacts the entire Beat experience. From ensuring passengers can always find a ride, to helping our drivers utilize their working hours at the most, this team is the heart of our company. IT roles can also be found here.
Beat Operations team is the heart of the company, it controls the business healthiness, growth, and development. This is where strategic and tactical decisions are taken and executed accurately to bring the best to our customers.
Finance is an essential ingredient to every successful business. Having visibility into all the Beat markets, our Finance team ensures the smooth function of all business activities.
Growth & Marketing
Our Growth & Marketing team knows that impact matters. By analysing market trends, they identify business opportunities that bring us closer to our users. Every piece of communication is a chance for our brand to shine through. Cities are full of everyday adventures, and we unlock them.
People & Places
Our People Operations team is responsible for recruiting, developing, and retaining high-performing employees while fostering a productive and unique culture.
New Verticals
New Verticals is a new team at Beat which is responsible for identifying, evaluating, and proposing new business ventures in line with the Beat strategic priorities and launching, building, operating, and scaling new business models.
We are a Product Development company. Our Product is the backbone of our operations. This team is responsible for taking our App to new levels, keeping Beat ahead of the mobility industry curve.
Data Science & Analytics
By developing tools, methods, and processes this team analyses, reports and visualizes the insights that lead us to data-driven decision making. It also addresses the challenges that arise from the uncertainty of urban transportation to deal with them in an automated and highly scalable way. For roles in Data Science & Analytics, check out both Engineering and Product vacancies.
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