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Candidate Privacy Notice

Last updated: May 10th 2022 

“BEAT Group” has seats and job openings in several cities in Europe and Latin America. By “Beat Group” we refer to all the subsidiaries of Intelligent Apps GmbH which operate under the brand “Beat” and “Viral Code” with the exception of Free Now Hellas Single-Member Societe Anonyme. 

This Global Privacy Notice for Candidates is issued for all subsidiaries and affiliates of BEAT Group that act as data controllers; your data controller responsible for the protection of personal data is typically the company to which you are applying. 

Your personal data shall be processed in accordance with the European and Latin America’s data protection laws and regulations (In Europe, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); In Argentina, the 25.326 Ley de Protección de los Datos Personales; in Chile, Ley 19.628 Sobre Protección de la vida privada, ; in Colombia, Ley 1266/ 2008 en Ley 1518/ 2012 de Protección de los datos personales; in Mexico, Federal Law on the protection of personal data held by private parties; in Peru, Ley N° 29733 – 2011 Ley de protección de datos personales)

The purpose of the processing of your personal data is to internally organize applicants’ selection procedures, to manage applications of candidates at different stages, and to recruit different categories of staff, in view of filling vacant posts and establishing a “pool” of candidates for potential future vacancies and recruitments.

For this scope, the applicants’ personal data will be processed to facilitate the management of the recruitment process and any subsequent legal challenge to that process. In this context, we also plan recruitment campaigns and will notify you from time to time of current BEAT Group vacancies.

Depending on where you are located and/or where the position to which you are applying is located, BEAT Group collects the following personal data from you: 

Identification details: information provided by the applicants to allow themselves to be identified and contacted by BEAT Group, such as name, surname, email address, phone number etc.; 

Eligibility and selection criteria: information provided by the applicants to allow verification of their fulfillment of the criteria laid down in the vacancy notice, such as educational and professional qualifications, professional experience,employment history, etc; 

Information related to interviews; 

Evaluation of candidates undertaken by the appointed hiring managers in different stages of the selection process (e.g. pre-selection screening, interviews, tests, etc); 

Information relating to references and any other information which you elect to transmit through the resume submission process. 

Access to your personal information will be granted only to delegated BEAT Group staff involved in different stages of the selection  process. Additionally, BEAT Group deploys the services of third party providers during the recruitment process in order to better offer its services, namely: 

Greenhouse Software, Inc., a cloud services provider located in the United States of America and engaged by BEAT Group to help manage its recruitment and hiring process on BEAT Group’s behalf; 

Google Cloud Platform, a cloud computing service provider based in the United States of America and engaged by BEAT Group for storage purposes. 

In relation to non-recruited candidates, the personal data will be kept after the completion of the recruitment process for a maximum period of:  

5 years where it is essential to store data for the purpose of bringing or defending legal actions or any other legitimate purpose (ie challenge the outcome of the selection process); 

2 years in our “pool” of candidates so as to notify you about future vacancies and opportunities. 

In accordance with the applicable laws and requirements you have the right to access your personal data and relevant information concerning how we use it. You have the right to rectify your personal data. You have the right to ask that we delete your  personal data or restrict its use. 

You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data, on grounds  relating to your particular situation, at any time. BEAT Group will attend to your requests and respond to you in line with time restrictions imposed based on local laws. If you have any queries concerning the processing of your personal data, you may address them to the BEAT Group at

Amendments to the Privacy Notice 

This Privacy Notice is effective as of the date of its issuance. In case it is necessary to comply with new requirements or in the course of a revision of our processes and changes in our industry we reserve the right to amend the current Privacy Notice by posting the revised text in our website and/or our System. Any changes will become effective upon the posting of the revised Privacy Notice.