Terms and Conditions – Driver

Terms and Conditions

Valid only for user drivers registered in the Beat Driver application that comply with the Terms and Conditions for use of the App.

Valid only for user drivers who have received an email with the incentive information.

Not valid for user drivers registered for Beat Lite.

Beat has the right to review each of the trips to identify the correct performance thereof. If a fraudulent behavior is detected, the trip can be classified as invalid and Beat will have the right to block the user driver, and also to exclude all the earnings produced by the latter from all his rides since the beginning of his participation in the commercial promotion.

For trips to be considered, no more than 2 can be made with the same passenger

Our system will detect recurring trips and links between user passengers and user drivers. Users who perform these practices will invalidate the trips made and may even suffer from the blocking of their accounts.

Payments in relation with incentives will not be processed if the driver user is blocked for low grades, fraud or unusual activity related to practices mentioned in the previous point.

Any attempt to fraud or misuse the application detected by the system will mean the definitive blocking of the user with the possibility of legal actions by Beat.

The use of the app is exclusive of the profile of the user driver registered in it.

In case of any inconvenience, the user driver can send doubts and queries through the User Driver application through the “Help” option, or in Beat’s official accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.