Viaja desde el pasado al presente en un Beat

Mexico City is full of incredible places and little known secrets but also, it is a city where you can rediscover and feel proud of our wonderful history again and again, all at a Beat away. Let’s start!

First step, we easily go to the historic center. The Palace of Fine Arts is something you can not miss! The single vision of this building built at the beginning of the 20th century will make you breathe harder. Did you know that the marble details were carved by hand and that each sculpture has a meaning? How about discovering them! Then, there you can enjoy exhibitions with art that lives despite the time and that will fill you with emotion.

The trip to the past was great! Now, how about combining both? With Beat you can do it! The next stop is the Soumaya Museum and we go to Miguel Hidalgo. The single vision of this building will make you take more than one selfie. In addition to the free entry, the exhibitions are full of history and will make you stop for a moment in the magnificence of a modern construction full of historical secrets of different worlds and places.

And do not end the day without asking for a Beat to Rome and enjoy some carnitas in the taquería the Orinoco.

Your city has a thousand adventures to discover and Beat is coming so you can experience them all!


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