Chantal Chalita: ambientalista imperfecta

Chantal’s career in the environment didn’t grow as fast as Greta Thunberg’s; it took a little longer to introduce himself. At 15 she wanted to be a model, at 17 she still didn’t know what to study and she chose a career that probably like many of us do at that age, a bit at random. After a couple of years she came across a video that would turn her life path upside down The story of stuff in Spanish The story of things , making her change course drastically.

We don’t know for sure what happened that day, but that video transformed Chantal’s life, giving us a woman who today works daily to offer us a better planet on which to live and with it a better future. The story of stuff has a key premise: the more we consume the more unhappy we are, consuming more will not lead to happiness.

After seeing that documentary, Chantal decided to start a career linked to the environment. This is how he began his studies in Environmental Engineering at ITESO. After some years working, he sold his first consultancy to the Sonora Grill restaurant, creating the sustainability department of this chain. 

If Chantal had to define herself it would be as an imperfect environmentalist. Imperfect environmentalists are conscious people but without any stereotype, they are not only zero waste or vegans, they are people like you and me who every day generate small or large actions that allow us to change the world, that is why we need millions of environmentalists imperfect taking action every day.

There are three principles by which Chantal is governed: the environment is me, everything is transformed nature and everything is continuous improvement. Understanding these three concepts, try to impact as little as possible through your actions: use a bamboo toothbrush, carry your thermos of water, try hygiene and beauty products in bars, buy second-hand or swap clothes; however, he also does not worry if he likes a new garment, or if one day he cannot avoid eating meat. It does what it can and has control over, because it does do many more things that are positively impacting.

For example, whenever you can you will take a bike or walk, but if the weather does not allow it or you need to get to a very remote place quickly you need to have options that allow you to move without impacting the planet. That is why Beat Tesla is for her the key to these journeys. With this new mode of transport you do not need a car, you can save money and emissions to the planet. Beat Tesla allows you to keep your pace while impacting the planet less.

The recipe for success is obviously to reduce, reject and reduce, that always works, always adapting it to our style and way of life. In the future, she would like to become the social identity that represents the environment in Mexico, the “queen of trash,” her sister would say. Together they want to install enough machines to recycle 10 million bottles nationwide for next year and grow this new challenge exponentially year after year.


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