Mariel de Viaje: abrir las alas y volar hacia los sueños

Surely you know her and you have also had a little envy of her (do not deny it). She is Mariel Rocío Galán Alvarado, better known as Mariel de Viaje, a chilanga with red bones who dared to open her wings to fly towards her dreams. 

Her story goes beyond what you possibly know about her: behind the fantastic trips and experiences she shares with her thousands of followers, is a curious, talented woman, and “traveler, greedy, chambeadora, sociable and joker”, like her It defines itself .

As many do, from a very young age she discovered her vocation based on her tastes and habits: her passion for expressing herself and communicating with people was evident. That led her to study journalism and, as many of her colleagues do, to work very hard, for many hours and for a long time. However, that enormous experience as a travel and tourism journalist in radio, digital media, newspapers, television and other companies laid the foundations for Mariel to take the most important step of her life: to undertake.

She herself confesses that at first she was very afraid, and who would not be? Imagine being on the edge of the mountain and jumping into the void with no other parachute than your experience, energy, passion and curiosity; However, today, after 12 years of traveling the world with her backpack and camera, Mariel has established herself as one of the most relevant travel bloggers in Latin America. And all for daring to spread his wings and pursue his dreams.

This story began in Mazatlán, a city he visited on a press trip. It was the first time he had gotten on a plane (and it was definitely not the last). It was in that beautiful destination where she realized that she really enjoyed delving into culture and getting involved with traveling people and journalists, that is, as a spectator and an actress at the same time.

From that moment, and with the same curiosity and nerve to get on a plane for the first time, document a suitcase, or discover the wonders of the Mexican Pacific, Mariel decided that this was what she wanted for her life, and she simply dared , always with one idea in mind: share. This is how all those anecdotes, photos, audios, videos and annotations began to become advice for travelers who were interested in seeing the world, like her.

Someone who is always living new experiences and is in constant movement must have the best ally to not stop. When Mariel is in her city, which she also loves, Beat Tesla allows her to travel safely and efficiently to attend her work meetings, restaurants and meetings with friends, but not only that, but it helps her to rediscover it and enjoy it intensely.


She says that he is very “nerdy”, but one of the things she likes the most about Beat Tesla is that while he is moving he can turn upwards and without problem admire the buildings, the trees, the Angel of Independence, the Monument to the Revolution, the Diana, the palm and other views that inspire it.

Plus, you love that you can safely bring your bags and recording equipment to the airport, as Beat Tesla’s technology and cameras allow you to relax and focus on your itinerary and the experiences you are about to experience.

Mariel’s goal is to travel to inspire people to discover the world that is out there, and her mission is to be an intermediary between anyone’s desire to travel and the information that will lead them to make it possible. For her, travel allows us to know the world, test our abilities, break boundaries, face fears, get closer to others, meet, feel and live intensely the here and now. How do you see, do you accompany her?


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