Ricardo Pérez: un acto bueno al día para un México mejor

Ricardo stands out for a particular characteristic: physically he is young, but mentally and emotionally he is “old”. He is a millennial with the soul of a Baby Boomer or Gen X. Those with the “old soul” are said to be genuinely concerned with finding their place and purpose in this world. They are people who learn as they go, creating their own experiences and constantly challenging the order of things.

For Ricardo, this represents a lifestyle. Inspiration, creativity, and the flow of ideas for your comedy shows and award-winning podcasts come mostly in the evenings, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of the time to attend to unfinished business and keep your commitments for the day.

As a comedian, he is recognized for being irreverent, as well as having a sense of humor that can be uncomfortable and is rarely adopted by others. His work offers a breath of fresh air, giving his audience, followers, and fans the freedom to laugh at any imaginable subject, even those that are not politically correct; the success has been amazing.

Ricardo is faithful to his convictions; He is truly committed to what he does, the people he interacts with, and in return has built an impressive network of fans who have proven loyal to him and his creativity. He is fortunate to be clear about what he wanted to do in life and where he wanted to go from an early age. She considers all the work she has done throughout her journey a blessing because she truly loves what she does. You are lucky to be among those few people who live off what they are passionate about.

In order to achieve your goals, it is crucial to do things as quickly and efficiently as possible. This way there is enough time and energy to work on what is most important to him: his comedy. Therefore, it is essential that you are surrounded by the right people, the perfect work team and the best technological tools. Thus, it manages to transform the time available into valuable opportunities for inspiration. 

One of Ricardo’s motivations in life is to help people in need. He is a true believer that to receive good things you have to contribute good works. And although it constantly supports as many social initiatives as possible; Being able to contribute by taking care of the city that has given him so much personally and professionally is also on his list of priorities. And there is no better way to take care of the environment than by taking small but significant actions towards a better future by making Beat Tesla your ally in this mission of moving from one achievement to another in an ecological vehicle, which also gives you the opportunity to seek inspiration in other settings; while living the latest technological, professional and safe shared transport experience.




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